I remember when I was six waiting for Friday to come around. Not because the new episode of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” was going to air (though that may have been another reason altogether) or because it was the weekend, which I had no concept of at the time. It was the day the Cleveland Plain Dealer ran their special “Friday!” entertainment section.

I’m not sure whether it was the large movie ads that were littered throughout that section or that I wanted to check the local movie times, but that was the small beginning to my love of entertainment.

From there it snowballed to reading and studying the art of a well-written review as well as how to properly express an opinion through writing.

Wanting to emulate the writings of critics such as Roger Ebert and Joanna Connors, I wrote fan reviews for Web sites such as Dark Horizons and Jo Blo.

I graduated to entertainment journalism becoming a reporter and editor for my college’s student-run newspaper. Bouncing around from writing reviews to interviewing bands, actors and directors, I was consumed by the world of entertainment both in local and global aspects.

Through my internship at The Vindicator, I was caught off guard when the editor assigned me to the Business section. Throughout the summer, I learned there’s little difference between business and entertainment as both are companies or people trying to make a good product and market it.

Beyond that, I am continuously honing my skills in New Media through blogs, streaming audio and video and any other form of technology that will be the future of journalism.


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